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How To Stop Night Sweats

Getting into bed can be the best part of our days. That feeling of a nice comfortable mattress with good support, alongside your soft bamboo memory foam pillows and your hollowfibre duvet.

Don’t have these? You should! Our bamboo pillows have super soft, comfy memory foam designed to ensure you get a comfortable night's sleep by shaping and supporting your neck and promoting natural posture alignment.

Got pillow but need a duvet? Our durable, anti-allergenic duvet is coated with a poly-cotton overlay making it lightweight and comfortable.

But that can all be ruined with the dreaded experience of night sweats, which are at an all-time high age 41-55!

What Are The Medical Causes?

One thing to point out is night sweats can be the result of a few health conditions, menopause being the most common causes of night sweats. Here are a few other medical conditions according to

  • Menopause: can be known as "hot flashes". If you have the night sweats but the generic causes are not the reason, this may be because it's a side effect of menopause.
  • Infections: Usual bacterial infections, with tuberculosis being associated the most with the dreaded night sweats!
  • Hypoglycemia: This is when your blood sugar drops too low throughout the day, with one of the symptoms of early hypoglycemia being excessive sweating.

The best way to rule these out is by crossing off the general and easily treatable reasons why you get night sweats…such as the dreaded turning up to work in your underwear nightmare!

Some of the more general night sweat causes can be easily prevented. Stress and anxiety are the root of many reasons for lack of sleep, so it’s understandable why it is one of the main reasons for night sweats on this list.

When a stressful event happens in your life, like being late for an appointment or even late to the Crazy Price Bed sale *cough* *cough*. Funnily enough, it can send a signal of distress to your brain, which makes your hormones and heart rate increase…like running (no wonder we get sweaty)!

Another reason is caffeine and alcohol *cries coffee*. When we have things like caffeine and alcohol it keeps our brain active preventing the brain from relaxing and putting us under more stress.

What Can I Do To Avoid The Night Sweats?

When starting your journey on getting rid of night sweats, it’s best to rule out the generic reasons why it may be happening. Here are a few ways of prevention:

  • Limit the use of caffeine and alcohol: since both are a stimulant known to increase your body temperature it is best to avoid both of these a few hours before bedtime.
  • Spicy Foods: We have all had some spice that left our mouths on fire and gave us that glazed doughnut look. Having spicy food before bed is a big no no for this exact makes us too hot for comfort.
  • Room Conditions: Hot room = Hot Sweats. By keeping circulation in your room by opening windows during the day and keeping a fan on in the evening, you can stop your room from being so stuffy.
  • Reduce Stress: Exercise, mindfulness, and limiting screen time before bed can massively impact your stress levels. If these things don’t work to distress you could have insomnia, check out the NHS website or our blog “Why Can’t I Sleep?” for more information.
  • Update your bed: If you have a thick, un-ventilated mattress that can be a recipe for disaster in terms of sweating. Don’t worry though, Crazy Price Beds has your back. Our Deep ECO Comfort Memory Foam Mattress has a breathable soft quilted cover promoting good ventilation and sweet dreams.

You won’t even break a sweat getting it up the stairs too. This fully recyclable cheap mattress gets delivered to your door roll packed for easy handling. 

Our Advice:

The bottom line is, that deciding what is the cause of your night sweats is a journey and hopefully they can be resolved by no caffeine and a de-stress ritual. If not it may be a medical issue that you should seek medical advice and research in more depth into your potential condition.

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