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Frenchic Paint Project

We just love our kids beds range, and our Treehouse canopy bed has been the no.1 favourite for ages. It’s super cool framework is perfect for customising and accessorising to create a super fun place to play and sleep.

The bed comes in white or pine, however we thought, why stop there? How about painting it!? Then the opportunities really are endless.

We came across Frenchic paint, (or more accurately, our marketing manager who is a DIY enthusiast told us about it) and their ‘lazy range’ sounded perfect for the project. The paint is self priming, non toxic and comes in lots of gorgeous colours. We fell in love with ‘plum pudding’.

Fast forward a few weeks later. We popped into the studio with the bed, paint and a camera.

Want to try this yourself?

Here's what to do:

  • First lay down a large sheet to protect the floor.
  • Build the bed up
  • Sand down with medium grit sandpaper to remove the varnish layer so the paint will stick better. (if your using our white painted version, the Frenchic paint may actually go straight over the top of this so you could skip this step for ultra ease!)
  • Rub the frame down with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt from the sanding.
  • Pop open the paint and give it a stir.
  • Paint!
  • We found the paint dried really fast, allowing for a second coat to be painted on pretty much straight after the first. (We recommend at least two coats for good solid coverage)
  • Wait until fully dry, and do any touch ups if needed.

Tips: So you can slap the paint on without being too careful, we recommend putting a piece of adhesive tape or similar over the top of the bolts before painting, so they do not get covered in paint.

Also use a decent brush about 3 inches wide for quick coverage. You can use a smaller one to get into details.


Take a look at the full Frenchic lazy range here:

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