Bed Size Guide: ​What Size Bed Should I Buy?

There are many things to consider when you’re buying a bed and/or mattress – especially what size you should get. It can have more impact than you think and could be the difference between a good night of sleep or tossing and turning! Take a read to find out more.

First, let's get to grips with what sizes UK beds are. Check out our handy information table below before you begin.

What sizes are UK Beds?

Beds in the UK come in a range of sizes and shapes, and are likely to differ by who is going to be sleeping in them. For example, a toddler sized bed is going to be far smaller than a double.

We’ve separated each style of bed below, and provided width and length measurements as well as a description of who they will suit best.

Take a look at the options below.

Toddler 2’3” x 4’6” 70 x 140cm
Single 3′ x 6'3″ 90 x 190 cm
Small Double 4′ x 6'3″ 120 x 190 cm
Double 4'6″ x 6'3″ 135 x 190 cm
King 5′ x 6'6″ 150 x 200 cm
Super King 6’ x 6’6’ 180 x 200cm

What is a Toddler bed size?

- Width 70cm | Length 140cm

- Toddler beds are best suited to children as their first big bed once they have outgrown their cot, but not ready yet for a full single size. Toddler beds typically have fun designs and sit lower to the ground for safety.

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What is size is a single bed?

- Width 90cm | Length 190cm

- Single beds are designed just for one person. They are ideal for spare rooms for guests, and kids that have outgrown their toddler beds.

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What size is a Small Double bed?

- Width 120cm | Length 190cm

- Small double beds are growing in popularity as they serve multiple purposes. They can fit in smaller-sized bedrooms where a standard double would be too big. They also are ideal beds for older children kids, teenagers and adults. They provide enough room for a single adult to comfortably spread out.

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What size is a Double bed?

- Width 135cm | Length 190cm

- Doubles are the same length as a single, but wider. Depending on height and size, double beds are suitable for most couples or individuals that like to starfish!

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What size is a King bed?

- Width 150cm | Length 200cm

- Kingsize beds are wider and longer than doubles. If you are tall or don't like fighting for the covers this size is perfect. A king-size also reduces the chance of disturbance if you’re sleeping with a partner as there’s more room to move around naturally at night.

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What is size is a Super-king bed?

- Width 180 cm |Length 200cm

- Super-king sized beds are even wider than a kingsize but are the same length. These would suit a large master bedroom that can accommodate the size, and are for couples that love lots of room!

Choosing the right bed size requires a lot of thought, and there are a few key things to consider before you make your decision.

It’s key to know how many people will be sleeping in the bed, and taking into account the size of that person, or those people. Putting a tall man in toddler size bed isn’t going to result in the comfiest of rests!

As well as this, it’s also important to ensure that you have measured the room to understand whether the bed you are thinking of purchasing will fit. A better understanding of what size bed will fit in the room you’re placing it in will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Below, you will be able to find advice around bed measurements, room measurements and frames.

The length of the bed

It is generally advisable that you buy a bed that is at least 10cm longer than the tallest person who will be sleeping in it. No-one wants cold feet dangling over the end of the bed at night!

The length of a standard UK double bed is 6ft 3”/190cm, so anyone taller than 5ft 11”/ 180cm should opt for a bed that is 6ft 6”/ 200cm in length – or a King size in bed speak.

A Superking also measures 200cm in length, so either of these options would be ideal.

If you’re a particularly tall person, some bed manufacturers make products that are 215cm/7ft 0” in length. However, you may be going into custom-made territory here.

Width of the bed

If you’re sleeping alone, a small double bed is perfect width-wise. It enables enough room for the body to naturally move around at night (and the occasional starfishing!) A double bed will give you more than ample room.

Sleeping with a partner? In the UK, the majority of couples still sleep in a standard double size bed which is 135cm / 4ft 6”wide. If you break it down it actually only provides each person with just 67.5cm or about 2ft 3” of space each which is less than we give a baby in a cot! You’re more likely to disturb your partner every time you change position, resulting in a poor night’s sleep. However, some couples do prefer to sleep in close proximity to each other, so a bit of personal preference does come into play here.

Another thing to bear in mind is our body shape and size, especially with UK studies showing that we’re getting bigger and heavier due to our diet and sedentary lifestyles! It may be time to opt for a bigger bed. It could result in a better night’s sleep for you and your partner.

When trying out a bed for size, lie next to your partner on your backs and put your hands behind your head with your elbows sticking out. If your elbows don’t touch your partners’ then you have enough space to sleep comfortably.

On average we spend between 8-10 hours a day in our beds, making them the most important pieces of furniture in the whole house! So don’t scrimp on investing in a big enough bed and a comfy mattress. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Measuring your bedroom.

Always check your bedroom measurements. In general, a double bed comfortably fit’s most bedrooms however, if you are looking to get a king or super king-size bed, double-check the length and width measurements of your room to ensure it can accommodate one.

Traditional bed frames vs divans and platform beds

If you are tight on space, it may be worth looking at Divan Beds or Platform Style Beds which take up less space compared to a traditional bedstead.

Bedsteads (or bed frames) are designed for your mattress to fit within them, and consist of a headboard, footboard, and side rails, whereas divans and platform beds take up just the length and width of your mattress. Those precious few cm may make a massive difference depending on your room size and could mean the difference between a double and king size.

Also, the absence of things like a footboard and rails visually helps the room look bigger and therefore feel bigger as there is less intrusion.

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The width of the Salcombe bed frame is a whole 12.5cm more than the divan base! It is also 14cm more in length! This could make a big difference when measuring up for your new bed.

Another thing to consider if ceiling height. If you have a room with a slanted or low height ceiling, a platform bed base is a perfect option to fit into an oddly shaped space as there is no headboard to worry about trying to squeeze in. This style is becoming more and more popular as it allows you the freedom to style your space, and change up your style multiple times rather than being restricted by one style of bed frame.

Divans also come with storage options, making them an even more amazing space saver!

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