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How Much Sleep Do You Need?

The amount of sleep you need depends on your circadian rhythm and your age. For example, adults are recommended to have around 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Whereas children (depending on age) need anything from 9-to 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

You may think “well I’m an adult and get around 8 hours, so why am I still tired?” This is because your quality of sleep may not be very good, so you wake up multiple times in the night or you aren’t in REM sleep.

Why Is REM Sleep Important?

REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is the stage of sleep where we get our dreams about our favourite celeb whisking us away to Paris. According to WebMD REM sleep is also important for learning and memory, this is because your brain is going through everything you have learned throughout the day to store it in your long-term memory (now that’s a good PA!)

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Sometimes, we wake up fresh and think “I feel great I slept from 10 pm-6 am!” This may be the case, but as the day goes on, you start to drift off to sleep…what’s up with that? You got loads of sleep right? Wrong! Uninterrupted sleep is crucial, to know more about how to get uninterrupted sleep check out our article: Why Can’t I Sleep?

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What Are The Signs For Lack Of Sleep?

Lack of sleep can do more than make us a bunch of Negative Nancy’s it can have some negative health effects. Our brains take the biggest hit when it comes to lack of sleep as it needs us to rest and to put our daily knowledge into our long-term memory.

Without this, our attention may decrease so we make mistakes easier throughout the day. Sleep deprivation can also weaken your immunity, so you can be more prone to cold and flu symptoms. If you want to avoid this and learn how to get a better night’s sleep, take a look at our article: Why Can’t I Sleep?

How Long Can I Go Without Sleep?

According to Healthline, the longest record time someone has gone without sleep is 264 hours (approx. 11 days). I don’t know about you but there’s nothing that would get me to stay awake for 11 days unless, of course, I wanted to binge-watch Friends on Netflix!

However, your body can let you sleep without you knowing…spooky! They are called “micro-sleeps”, which is when the body goes to sleep for a few seconds and sometimes can even be with your eyes open.

What’s Our Advice?

If you’re struggling to fall asleep and have tried our tips and tricks in our blog about how to get a good night's sleep, then you may have a sleep condition. For help on this issue or for further information, you can always check out the NHS website for the symptoms and treatments.

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