How Do I Clean a Mattress?

Cleaning Mattresses is a tough one! They can't just be shoved thrown in the washer like bedding and clothing can. 

Where do yellow mattress stains come from?

Yellow stains on a mattress can be caused by a number of things, and at times can be tough to get out.

  • Sweat stains are by far the most common reason for the yellowing of your mattress and pillows. At first, these stains may be invisible, but over time they can lead to yellow marks and a bad odour.
  • Urine could be another reason for yellow mattress stains – and could be caused by children, pets, or even medical reasons. It produces the same yellowish stains as sweat, but can also come with a musty smell that is harder to remove.
  • Your body also produces natural oils (and so does some of the food you’re taking to bed with you) and they can stain mattresses over time. These may need the help of a professional to completely remove.
  • Finally, mould could be a reason for yellow staining. All of the above can combine and create excess moisture – the only thing that mould and mildew needs to grow. Similar to other yellow stains, mould can look like small yellow spots covering a specific area of the mattress.

Learn how to clean a mattress and be rid of yellow stains below.

When Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Deciding when the best time to part ways with a trusty mattress can be difficult. Especially when it has been a comfy one! There are a few situations in which cleaning your mattress doesn't work and you need an upgrade...

  • If you have had the mattress between 6-8 years, it's time to say goodbye. I know you may say "why would I change it when there's nothing wrong with it." but just because it isn't visible damage doesn't mean it's still in tip-top condition.
  • Say it's only been a few months into a new mattress but you can't seem to get a good night's sleep. It's time to say see you later alligator! Not all mattresses are the same, some are firm whilst others let you sink in with it. Either condition you choose will depend on what you like and how it will benefit you and your body.
  • If it's got holes, marks, a few coffee stains, or your mattress is starting to dip and sag...tick tock it's time is up!

If your mattress ticks one of these reasons don't be alarmed, mattresses don't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Try out our cheap mattress range!

What will I need to clean my mattress?

Cleaning a mattress isn’t as simple as washing it and hanging it out to dry – and there are a few steps to take to ensure your mattress is clean and sanitised, along with a few things to get you started.

You will need:

- Baking soda

- Small jar

- Bottle of essential oil (either eucalyptus or tea tree)*

- Your Vacuum - ideally with an upholstery attachment

1. First strip all your bedding off including any mattress protectors, pop it all in the wash and give your mattress an initial vacuum to get up any crumbs or loose bits.

2. Put some baking soda into a dish or jar, along with about 20 drops of eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil. Mix well until combined. These oils kill dust mites and are naturally anti-bacterial, whilst baking soda helps remove stains and odours. (*Be careful if you have pets as essential oils can be toxic. Keep your pet out of the room while cleaning)

3. You can then either sprinkle the mixture over the mattress with a spoon or pop a piece of cling film or parchment paper over the top of the disk and pierce a couple of holes in to create a ‘shaker’ to shake the mixture over the mattress.

4. Leave the mixture for two to four hours to sink into the mattress and then vacuum off using an upholstery attachment. (The longer you can leave the mixture, the better!)

If your mattress has some particularly tough stains, before the baking soda step, you can opt to use a stain remover. You want to use as little water or liquid as possible, and make sure you dry out the fabric as much as possible otherwise this is the ideal environment for mould to grow!

Other top tips:

mattress protector goes a long way to help prevent any stains and mess on your mattress in the first place.We highly recommend one to help protect your mattress and keep it in the best shape for as long as possible. Our quilted mattress protector is a popular option for optimum comfort and cleanliness!

For children, our waterproof terry towel mattress protector is also a highly-absorbent option to protect from spills and accidents.

Our mattresses naturally come with covers that have been sanitised with special spray, and are hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite to help you get a good night’s sleep. However, it is best practice to add a mattress cover and sanitise your mattress with the baking soda method to not only prolong the life of your mattress but to keep your sleeping environment clean and healthy so every night’s sleep is a good one.

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