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Bedroom Design Ideas For Kids

Your child’s bedroom should be their sanctuary, a place where they can express themselves, play, relax, and enjoy some freedom and independence. Getting them involved in the decorating process of their own bedroom is the best way for them to make this room their own. If they are old enough to help you, letting them pick colours, themes, beds, and furnishings, will give them a sense of independence and will ensure they feel right at home in their own space. For those who want a little inspiration, this latest blog uncovers the latest design ideas for kids bedrooms and provides some tips and tricks for making this a fun and exciting place for them to learn and grow.

Provide plenty of space for playing and learning

With a child’s bedroom it can be tempting to fill it with all their favourite things, from toys, to teddies, blankets, artwork and more. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is the space your child will grow. Which means they will likely grow out of their bedroom style much faster than an adult will. As they age they will want to update and re-decorate more regularly to match their personality and the current stage of their life. By keeping the space simple not only will you have more capability to redecorate but they will have plenty of space to play, grow, and develop.

Consider their favourite colours and themes

Making the space as unique to your child as possible, will help in providing them a room that feels like their own. If your child can, allow them to have some creative flexibility when it comes to choosing colour schemes, bedding, and themes. Bright colours are also excellent for a toddler’s development, so incorporating different colours into their bedroom will support them as they grow and learn.

If you’re not keen on painting the walls a hot pink or bright green, you can choose to keep the walls neutral and instead add colourful furnishings. Including painted or themed bed frames.

Create an area for relaxing

First and foremost a bedroom is for sleeping. So making sure your child’s room doesn’t simply become a place to play and study is extremely important. Creating an environment where they can relax and unwind, and get a good night of peaceful sleep will play a key role in their growth and development.

With plenty of kids bed frames to choose from, you can make a comfy and restful space for them to sleep and relax, no matter how much room you have. If you need to make ample use of the little space you have, mid sleeper beds and bunk beds are ideal for raising their bed off the floor and not taking up too much floor space.

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