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In the world of beds, there is nothing more idyllic than a classic bunk bed. Bunk Beds have been around for yonks and yet they are still as popular as ever thanks to their ultimate space-saving design by stacking two single beds on top of one another.

This means you have the sleeping space for two people whilst only taking up the floor space needed for just one bed. At Crazy Price Beds, our range of quality affordable bunk beds includes classic styles and designs in white, grey, and natural wood. All our bunk beds are made from solid pine wood making them durable yet keeping the price low so you can get a good night's sleep.

We also have Triple Sleeper bunk beds in our range which are a development on the bunk bed concept but instead of a standard single, the lower bunk is a double bed meaning you can sleep 3 people all at once! Some of our bunk beds including the triple sleepers have detachable beds, meaning the beds can be split into separate beds if needed. This is great for future-proofing when the time comes for your kids to be in their own rooms.

Bunk Beds

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