How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

If you’re tight on space and wondering how to make a small bedroom look bigger, there are a range of small bedroom design ideas to help you create a roomy appearance.

Modern small bedroom design considers various interior design tricks and styles to make where you sleep feel and look more spacious, as well as utilising tried and tested clever storage ideas for small bedrooms.

We’ve gathered some of the top ways on how to style small bedrooms so that they appear bigger. Read on to learn more.

Modern small bedroom design

Whether you’ve moved into an inner-city apartment that has reduced space, or you’ve decided to let the kids have the bigger rooms, having a small bedroom is by no means the end of the world. Sleeping in a small room can feel cosier than in a bigger open space.

However, when a small bedroom’s design starts to feel claustrophobic because you own too many things or there’s too much furniture in the room, the space that’s meant to offer calm relaxation can quickly become overwhelming.

Minimalising what’s visible in the room by utilising small bedroom storage and maximising the space available to you is key to making a small bedroom look bigger.

Pick a clever bed style

Your bed takes up the biggest amount of space in your bedroom, so therefore it is important to pick a design that either doubles up as storage, or has a design that tricks the eye so the room appears bigger.

Small Double Beds

Want to make the most out of a small bedroom and want to make the room look bigger? Why not opt for a small double bed rather than full-size double bed. A small double bed is only 4′ x 6'3″ or 120 x 190 cm so if your small room is just for you, you can save some space and also enjoy the comfort of having a larger-than-single-size bed.

Check out our range of cheap small double beds here.

Low Bed

Low and platform-style beds have really grown in popularity in recent years for both their modern stylish aesthetic and space-saving properties. Platform-style beds usually take up just the width and length of your mattress as opposed to a bed frame. Keeping that space take up to a minimum. Also, the design is less intrusive than a classic bed frame as there is no headboard or footboard. This helps draw the eye upwards, gives the room more height and a visual feeling of more space.

We recommend checking out our bestsellingAmersham Platform Bed, and our Divan Bases which also come with built-in storage drawers.

Storage Bed

As the name suggests, these beds feature storage in their design to help keep your bedroom tidy and reduce the need for more furniture. Storage Beds commonly come in two styles. Beds with built-in drawers or ottoman storage beds. Both have their benefits, however, for maximum gain, we strongly recommend an ottoman bed. These beds feature a lift-up base that spans the width and length of your bed, giving you a really large amount of room to store all manner of items. You could store bedding, shoes and boxes in here.

We love our bestselling Lowther storage bed as it also features a low headboard design and low footboard. This helps the room feel visually bigger and can fit into an awkward space if your ceiling is slanted or low.

Low footbard

A bed frame with a low footboard design plays a trick on the eye to make the room look and feel bigger. They work similarly to platform-style beds as mentioned above, whilst the headboard gives the room a focal point to draw the eye. The frame will also allow for some storage underneath.

We have a number of beds with low footboards. Check out our bestselling Bourton metal bed, or browse our full range of cheap beds.

Utilise the walls as small bedroom storage

Modern small bedroom design is considered clean and aesthetically pleasing, and it’s easy to understand why. The minimal approach is simply because there isn’t enough space for anything that isn’t necessary.

This lack of space, however, opens up a world of opportunity when it comes to the bedroom walls. Instead of a headboard, opt for a mounted shelf above the bed, or instead of bedside tables, opt for mounted shelves either side of where you sleep.

You can also mount lamps to the walls too, saving space on those shelves for the all-important items you need by your side when you’re sleeping.

Consider colour in your small bedroom design

We’re going to get a little scientific with this one. How light moves around the room is a major factor in how to make a small bedroom look bigger. Using darker coloured paint can make the room feel heavy and enclosed, while lighter colours seem to open up a bedroom.

If you have the bedroom walls, ceiling and floor in the same colour, you can effectively make them disappear – creating a similar effect to what happens outdoors when it’s hard to tell what’s the sky, and what’s the horizon.

We’d recommend light and airy pastel shades, or even white, as these softer colours have a massive space creating effect.

If you want to bring colour in, you can do this by creating a feature wall, and paint the wall behind the bed a bold colour. The other thing you can do is get creative with paint, and draw arches or circles to create focal points and pops of colour.

How to style a small bedroom

Modern small bedroom design and styles have changed, and especially so in the last few years with many of us working from home. Bedrooms have had to adapt, with desks and computer chairs now interrupting the peace of the place where you sleep.

Separating the two doesn’t have to be hard, however. Installing a drape to create an efficient border between where you sleep and where you work can help your small bedroom to operate as both. On the subject of drapes, too, using blinds or shutters over long and heavy curtains can help bring in more natural light and make a small bedroom look bigger. Why not browse our cheap small beds for more ideas.

Other things to remember when considering small bedroom designs include how you furnish them. We recommend continuing with the minimalist small bedroom style, meaningless decorative cushions, smaller pictures on the walls, and positioning mirrors in a way that helps to reflect light around the room.

Looking to begin your small bedroom design journey? Take a look at our low platform bed options or cheap ottoman beds for extra storage to get started.

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