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Dino Dreams & Boho Scenes - Customer Bedroom Feature

Dino Dreams & Boho Scenes

This months focus feature shines the spotlight on our customer Stacey Jones

You can find Stacey's Instagram at @sweet_home_of_mine /

If you haven’t yet seen Stacey’s roarsome dinosaur bedroom she created for her son (where have you been!?) well you have now!

When Stacey first shared her photo’s of the bedroom makeover, I think it is fair to say it sparked off a dinosaur bedroom bonanza and soon dino and jungle themed bedrooms were popping up everywhere. The photos made multiple newspaper articles, and it’s not hard to see why...

Our Kids Tent Teepee Bed totally looks the part here, and we can’t get enough of how cool it looks!

Stacey did an amazing job transforming the small room, whilst keeping to a minimal budget, sourcing bargain buys from high street shops and utilising her creative skills to create a really immersive dinosaur experience.

Stacey says:

‘It just goes to show you don’t need to spend lots of money to create something special.’

‘I’m a firm believer in you don’t have to have a huge home to make it look special. With some creativity and passion you can make any room look unique no matter how big or small.’

The bedroom has evolved over the years with additions of super wall murals from rebelwalls ( )and new accessories to keep it fresh.

Boho Scenes

In complete contrast, the makeover for her twin daughters’ bedroom is a boho paradise!

In collaboration with ourselves, Stacey chose x2 single-size Chalfont four poster bed frames to pop against the soft colour wall murals, and natural textures of this beautifully calm and serene space.

The minimal design of the beds work brilliantly to keep the room feeling modern and fresh.

Once again, Stacey put her budgeting skills to the test by sourcing from high street shops, and made over the room with minimal spend. She even made her own furniture pieces such as that incredible foam mirror!

In 2020 Stacey took her bedrooms on a budget skills outside her own home and made over several kids bedrooms. A pretty swan princess bedroom and a football mad twin room!

The swan bedroom features our bestseller Kids Treehouse bed frame ideal for younger kids and super versatile.

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