Creating the Perfect Princess Bedroom

Most little girls dream of having the perfect princess-themed bedroom whilst they are growing up (and if we are honest... we definitely still love a good royal theme as an adult!)

If you have a little girl wishing for a princess and royal-themed bedroom then there are many different ways of creating the perfect princess bedroom on a budget.

The first step in creating the perfect themed bedroom is to choose the colour palette of the room. Choosing a set colour palette will keep your mind from wandering and running away with itself for ideas, not only that but it will help keep everything consistent.

When choosing a colour palette you should consider the items you will be furnishing your room with as well as the colours your little girl loves!

A colour palette we suggest is using a neutral base colour of white/cream/grey with hints of pinks and purples throughout.

If you're extremely creative and nifty with a brush, you can attempt some freehand designs for a wall mural based on the princess theme! Why not try sketching out a rough idea of what you want to include and then use tester pots to fill in the colour (which also keeps it relatively cheap!)

You could paint your own castle, enchanted forest or a view from a castle window.

For those of you who are not so creative, there is a huge range of wall stickers you can choose from to create the same look effectively. Try looking online or checking out some high street stores.

The bed will be the most important and stand out feature of the room as this will set off the rest of the furniture and decor to capture the attention of someone when they first walk in. Plus it will make your little girl feel amazing and grown up with her princess bed!

Check out our incredible Beaumont single in pink crushed velvet for that glamorous and royal feel, with its glittering diamanté details on the head and footboards. It also features a lift up underbed storage perfect for storing bedding, princess clothes and that all important sparkly crown!

Similar to the Beaumont is our Shelly bed! Perfect for the little girls who love a certain mermaid princess and want to be 'part of their world', with its scalloped shell style headboard for a stunning focal point in your princess bedroom. We can't be blamed if you all start singing 'Under the Sea'.

An alternative choice for your princess bedroom could be the Chalfont single in white. This classic, opulent four poster bed is perfect for draping fabric over to create the regal canopy style bed that princesses dream of. To add a touch to make it even more special for your little girl, wind some fairy lights around the top of the frame to create a cosy feel in the evening.

Don't forget to style the rest of the bedroom to make it the ultimate girly space. Use dressing tables, bedside tables, storage ottomans and chairs to help complete the princess room of dreams. We recommend a vintage style dressing table with the curved design and tilting mirror.

Some finishing touches for the room to make it extra special; drape some fairy lights around the dressing table, add some artificial ivy to corners of the room to create the feeling of being in a fairy tale castle.

You can even add little touches of fairy dust, vintage photo frames with princess prints and castles in, vintage mirrors to create the effect of 'mirror, mirror on the wall...'

You can make the bottles of fairy dust at home by finding small bottles in shops or online. Fill them with glitter and seal the bottle (pro tip: pipe a small line of glue along the bottle cap before screwing on. This will make the seal permanent - so no little accidents!), wrap a ribbon around the cap and add a cute little label.

There are lots of little things to make your perfect princess bedroom!

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