Cot Bed to Big Bed

Cot Bed to Big Bed

Making the move from cot bed to first big bed is a hotly debated topic and can be one of the most daunting milestones to reach with your child, but in our Crazy Price Beds blog we look at tried and tested tips and tricks to make the whole process less intimidating!
So, if your not-so-little bundle of joy is ready to make the move but you’re struggling on where to begin, then we’ve found some easy ways to make it smooth and stress-free for them…and you! We’ve even got some ideas from our very own Customer Experience Specialist Danielle who has navigated the first big bed move and lived to tell the tale!


The main indicators that it’s time to break out the big bed are:
- Have they become a bone fide cot bed escape artist?
- Is nighttime potty training on the horizon?
- Or has that latest growth spurt made them look like they’re ready to burst out of their cot?

Only you know your little one and it’s important to make the move when are emotionally ready and physically able to get in and out of their bed safely, however, if the above are true then it’s probably time to get cracking on making their cot bed a thing of the past!

Keep reading for our fave top 5 tips!

 1. Safety First!

Toddler beds can be great in the transition process as they’re smaller beds and can be less daunting. However, it is usually easier (and cheaper in the long run) to move them into a full-size single bed (UK size is 90 x 190 cm) from the get-go. But it is important to consider the height of the frame and look for one low to the ground so it's easy to get in and out of, as well as reducing the risk of injury if they fall out of bed.
Our range of kids’ beds are perfect for this as they’re designed to be low enough for a first bed but sturdy enough to last them for years to come! Shop our kids beds range here. have a whole host of toddler-proofing tips and suggests assessing the room at toddler eye level to identify hazards for bumps, trips or places little hands can get stuck!

  2. Get them involved!

Including them in the process of choosing the new bed or even letting them choose some new bedding can really help introduce the idea of moving into their new bed. Once the big day arrives, you can even make it an occasion – have a “moving bed day” celebration with a few games and treats.

They’re more likely to be receptive to the changes if they feel included and can get excited for their new big bed!

3. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Too much change can be overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to keep some familiarity whilst your tot gets settled.
You can try keeping their old bedding for a little while, so they feel reassured in their new bed. As well as putting the new bed in the same place as their cot bed so their view remains the same when they wake up.
Keep their bedtime routine exactly the same, so that they still know it’s bedtime even if the new bed feels unfamiliar at first.

4. Slow and steady wins the race!

One suggestion from is to test out the new bed for nap times first, before trying a full night in there. It’ll take some time for them to get used to the new bed, so it’s best not to rush it and not expect them to take to it on the very first night. also say that if the move is prompted by a news of a new arrival, then it’s important to start the process in plenty of time before their sibling arrives – you don’t want them feeling overwhelmed or displaced.

5. Keep Calm and Carry on

Moving to their big bed is a big step and some (more) sleepless nights are inevitable. If your little one finds their feet and makes a midnight escape into your room, calmly take them back to their bed. Remaining calm and rewarding them when they stay in bed in the initial settling-in phase will help keep bedtime relaxed. Try not to let any setbacks derail the process and carry on using the new bed, going back to the cot bed or letting them sleep with you may be tempting but it can undo the good work you’ve already put in.

Every child will make the switch in their own way. Some will relish the change where others may find the whole process incredibly upsetting. It’s a big milestone that will be unique to your little one – only you will know when they’re ready and how best to begin the process with them.
The main thing to remember is that this can be a marathon not a sprint, and there is wealth of support online and now restrictions ease, in person too, to make the crazy parenting journey fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Our own experiences!

At the end of the day there’s no manual to read from when it comes to these things, and there is nothing like learning from experience. Our own customer experience team member Danielle wades in on her experience recently putting her daughter Beau into her first big bed...

‘When I planned to move my 2-year-old little girl into her own room I found talking to her about the transition really helpful. We spoke about what she wanted in her room and how she wanted her room to look. I really focused on making her understand this was HER room and HER space and it could look however SHE wanted (within reason ha-ha).

She is obsessed with rainbows so decided a rainbow theme was what she wanted. I painted a blue background halfway down the walls to represent the sky and green halfway up the wall to represent grass I then painted a huge rainbow across the one wall. She LOVED it and screamed with excitement when she saw it, she couldn’t wait to sleep in her new rainbow room.

For the first week we stopped her midday naps which was not easy but come 7:30pm (her bedtime) she was defiantly ready for bed. We took her up and kept to her usual routine, brush teeth, read a story and say prayers. We reassured her everything would be ok and we would only be in the other room or downstairs. The first night did not go as well as expected she cried at the stair gate a few times and me and dad took it in turns to put her back in bed and reassure her. She finally fell asleep around 12-1am. Night 2 we made 3-4 trips putting her back in bed but she settled a lot sooner at around 9pm. This was the same on night 3 with 2-3 trips putting her back in bed and reassuring her we were only downstairs. By night 4 she was getting the hang of things and settled more a less as soon as we put her down. She has been in her own room for around 9 months now and even requests to go to ‘her rainbow room’ after a hard day playing at nursery.

We found routine and reassurance was the key to settling her in her bed and made the transition quick and easy. Don’t get me wrong the first 2 to 3 nights were torture and I felt like the world’s worst mom! But I stuck to it and was consistent.

If you and your little one are making the move just remember it may be hard at first BUT it will get easier and they will settle. Good Luck !'

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