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2024 Bedroom Interior Trends & Bed Frame Styles

Part of the joy of decorating a bedroom is being able to choose bed frames, bedding, and accessories that express your unique style. For inspiration while redoing your bedroom or decorating a new room in your home, here are some of the top trends in bedroom design and bed frame styles this year.

      1. Calming Neutral Tones

      2. To create
      a space of peace and serenity, neutral tones have become particularly popular. Calming shades like beige, cream, light greys, and muted tones of green and blue are easy to incorporate into a bedroom design and help to finalise a space that is perfect for rest and relaxation.

      To introduce such tones to a bedroom, it is easy to bring in a range of shades of beige and cream with the base of a natural toned, 

upholstered bed frame

       that is the perfect blank canvas for your choice of luxurious bedding and accessories.
    1. Soft Furnishings

    2. Throughout the early months of 2023, we noticed a particular uprising of homeowners and bedroom designers looking to soften the look of bedrooms. Particularly master bedrooms, which for several years, the industrial and contemporary styles have been preferred. Using soft furnishings and plush features like throw cushions and upholstered bed frames, you can make your bedroom a comfortable, warm, and inviting place to be. Taking you back to the duvet days of your childhood.
    3. Natural Materials

    4. Featuring touches of natural materials such as wood is a great way to bring the outside in. But this also helps to create a space that is genuinely peaceful and calm. Taking away the stresses of life, natural materials and the introduction of house plants is a great way to feel at one with nature even in the secure setting of your bedroom.

Solid oak wood bed frames

       are an excellent place to start when designing a bedroom that is reminiscent of the natural world. With a solid oak bed frame, you can use this as the base to begin decorating your room with touches of wood, greenery, and other natural materials like rattan to create your very own nature inspired bedroom.
    1. Colourful Accents

    2. Bold pops of colour have been seen throughout the last few years in pop culture. Not just in interior design but also fashion and beauty too. Pops of colour are a great way to add some life into a bedroom and we’ve seen a surge in interest towards this bedroom style. Many people will choose to add bedroom accessories that make it simple and easy to introduce bold colours like blue, pink, green, yellow and more.


      Alternatively, if you’re a bit braver, or a greater fan of one particular colour, you could introduce this into your bedroom design with a coloured bed frame. At Crazy Price Beds we offer a wide range of bed frame colours and even 

LED beds

       for your choice of colour whenever you wish.
    1. Hotel Luxury

    2. Another popular interior design trend that is reaching heights on the likes of Instagram and TikTok is the desirable appearance of hotel luxury at home. Many homeowners are switching to classic bedroom styles as a way to welcome the luxurious and elegant style you would typically enjoy in 4 or 5 star hotel rooms. This has even included the re-emergence of the traditional 

4-poster bed frame

      , which can be dressed with elegant and soft white or cream bedding for the ultimate night’s sleep.

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