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A Guide To Our Most Popular Bed Frame Styles

From contemporary to traditional, quirky, and modern, bed frames come in a variety of styles to suit all interior tastes and designs. For those decorating, upgrading or completely redoing a bedroom, your bedroom makeover would not be complete without a new bed frame. Imperative not only to the look of your bedroom but also the layout and the decisions you make around decorative accessories, getting your bed frame right puts sets you off on the right foot with a blank canvas to play with that will help you design your dream bedroom.

Our guide to all our most popular bed frame styles, will certainly help you in buying your new bed and give you some much needed design inspiration too!

Platform Bed Frames

Platform bed frames are a great way to add some height and dimension to your bedroom. For those who want a bed that sits comfortably high above the ground, a platform bed is the perfect choice. Not only this, but with the extra height from the legs of the bed, there’s ample storage space below the bed for all those additional belongings you definitely want but don’t need anymore!

Day Beds

The perfect 2 in 1! Day beds take up minimal space and are the most excellent addition to a small guest room, nursery, office or box room. Easily transformed from a small sofa into a bed, day beds are perfect for when you need extra sleeping space for guests or an additional bed in a spare room. Plus, they look extra stylish when dressed with cushions and throws too.

Storage Beds

In modern homes many homeowners are well aware of the struggle associated with limited storage space. In smaller bedrooms where you may not have a storage closet or enough floor space for your belongings, a storage bed is incredibly practical. Storage beds often come in a range of sizes and designs for even the smallest of rooms.

One of the most popular styles of storage beds is the famous ottoman design. The ottoman bed design has been created to allow you to lift the base of the bed, exposing a huge amount of storage base within the frame. At Crazy Price Beds not only do we stock a wide range of practical storage bed solutions, these beds are stylish, on trend and incredibly affordable too.

LED Beds

A fun alternative to the traditional bed frame, an LED bed frame uses LED lightning for an extra unique feature. With LED lighting built into the bed frame, you can set the mood and atmosphere of your bedroom with the simple click of a button. Choosing from the rainbow of colours, light up your room in pops of blue, yellow, pink, orange, green, red and more with an LED bed frame. These have become particularly popular amongst teens and in teenage bedrooms for a touch of personality.

Divan Beds

Divan beds are not only some of the most practical beds you can buy on the market but they are the perfect blank canvas for those undergoing a bedroom makeover. If you’re not sure on the interior design of your bedroom or want a neutral bed that will work with a range of designs, a divan bed can be purchased in neutral colours and materials that allow you the chance to decorate your room as you wish.

On top of this divan beds are some of the most affordable bed frames and are so versatile. Making them the perfect bed choice for master bedrooms, teen rooms and kids rooms, as well as single bedrooms, box rooms and guest bedrooms.

To find your perfect, affordable bed frame from a wide range of styles, materials, and colours, check out our range at Crazy Price Beds.

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