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Whether your family is coming to stay, friends are looking for a place to rest when they visit, or the kids have a sleepover planned, we have a range of diverse, cheap guest beds to help out with extra numbers.

Single guest beds offer a clever solution for when you're planning on having guests but don't have the space available. It's a main single bed, with a pull-out trundle ready for your visitors.

Explore our range of folding and pull-out guest beds today.

Save Space With Pull-Out Single Beds:

Not only do pull-out guest beds offer the benefit of space-saving, but they're also incredibly easy to dress and look great with simplistic sheets, blankets, and cushions adorning them. They're certainly a quick fix when people are arriving.

Cheap guest beds can also make a great seating area in a spare room too & perfect for couples who have different tastes in television of the evening! At Crazy Price Beds, we have designs and sizes to suit every room, no matter the size or aesthetic.

Whether a metal, wood, or velvet option would suit your vibe more, they're all available at extra-low prices.

Find Your Pull Out Guest Bed:

Looking for a single guest bed? All of our cheap guest beds are available with fast and free UK delivery, direct to your door. With folding and trundle options, as well as pull-out guest beds, you'll be able to provide any visitors with a comfortable night of sleep. 

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