Day Beds

Perfect for guests

Day beds are fast growing in popularity an alternative to a traditional bed frame.  Day Beds are super clever pieces of furniture that mimic the look and style of a sofa with a front-on design, but are actually a full single size. So you can use the day bed as a seating area during the day, and then switch to using it as a bed at night! Making these ideal choices for offices and spare rooms.

Day Beds with Trundles

Most of our day bed designs are available with a pull-out trundle which also fit's a single-size mattress. You can use this trundle as a spare bed or guest bed. Because of their amazing versatility, day beds make great choices not only for bedrooms, especially teenage bedrooms, but also for flats and apartments when space is at a premium. The trundle simply rolls out when needed, and rolls back under the main bed when not in use - great space saver!

Day Bed or Sofa Bed?

Some of our day bed designs are specially designed to look like sofas - such as our Clarendon and Holyrood.  Both these beds feature pull-out drawers which can be used either for storage or because they fit a single mattress, they can be used as a second sleeping space! These designs are great for flats & apartments, but also spare rooms and offices so its looks more like a cosy seating area rather than a bed and saves a lot of space!