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Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and a beautiful bed frame is just the beginning.

A mattress is possibly the most important part of your bed.

Having a quality and comfortable mattress allows you to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed without the aches or pains.
We have a small range of mattresses to choose from. We have 3 main core types of fillings you would normally come across.

Pocket Spring

Memory Foam

Open Coil Spring

Most importantly, all our mattresses are at low affordable prices without compromising on quality.

We ensure all our mattresses are SATRA tested and certified flame retardant, hypoallergenic, and anti-dust mite.

Our mattresses are vacuum rolled, which is great because it means:

1. Easier & cheaper to transport

2. Easier to handle (no struggling up the stairs!)

Made in the UK

Our Mattresses are made right here in the UK. We source our mattresses from two top mattress manufacturers based in Derby and Yorkshire.

Our experienced manufacturers make mattresses for big high street names and big brand names. So you can be sure your mattress is going to be of fantastic quality.

Our mattresses are unbranded, meaning you save on expensive marketing costs and get the same mattress for £££'s less! 

Sourcing mattresses direct from the manufacturers means we can be sure our mattresses are of the highest safety standards and have been thoroughly tested.

The mattresses are made using quality materials and manufactured using state of the art machinery.

Mattress Guide 

Get the support you need

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Spring mattresses are the best you can buy in terms of quality and comfort.

A Pocket Sprung mattress system is made up of individual coil springs, each one sewn into its own pocket of fabric. The springs move independently to each other under pressure, to offer even levels of support all over your body.

Pocket spring mattresses are ideal if you are sharing a bed, as the springs won't 'roll together' like a traditional spring mattress. The independent movement of the springs will not disturb your partner, and the mattress will not sag in the middle over time. 

Our pocket spring mattress also includes a top layer of memory foam, for extra support and comfort, whilst the pocket spring unit is encapsulated in foam. This foam encapsulation allows you to use the full width of the mattress, as it also has stitched border support, preventing 'roll off'. 


Our pocket sprung mattress features a quilted cover, providing a flatter, smoother surface.

Pros: The best in terms of support, comfort, longevity and durability. The individual support means you are less likely to be disturbed by partner movements.

Cons: They are the most expensive option, but definitely worth it.

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Memory Foam Mattress

The most well-known and popular type of mattress, memory foam almost needs no introduction.

Since the material, (originally developed by NASA for astronaut use) has become available for the consumer market, it has become one of the most popular mattress options to date.

An incredible material made of billions of viscoelastic cells, which respond to your temperature and weight. When warmed up, it moulds to your body, which then allows your spine to stay in a natural position and supports evenly. This helps to assist in the reduction of tossing and turning, and promoting a deeper sleep.

Pros: The way the foam moulds to the body helps absorb weight and take pressure off the joints and allowing the spine to stay in a natural position.

Memory foam mattresses do not need turning like traditional mattresses. Also light and less bulky than other mattresses.

Cons: Memory Foam can get quite warm, especially in the summer months, and the sinking properties of the material may not be ideal for some.

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Open Coil Mattress


The open coil spring system is a traditional Bonnell spring system which is one of the most common types of spring units for mattresses.

It has springs that are hourglass-shaped, and these are linked from top to bottom by a spiral wire, which runs across the finished unit. Our open coil spring mattresses also have layers of high-density support foam which encases the spring unit. This provides more comfort and support and also helps increase the longevity of the mattress. The encapsulated spring unit and stitched border support also prevents 'roll off' which means you can enjoy the full width of the mattress.


Our spring mattress features a quilted cover, providing a flatter, smoother surface.

Pros: Perfect for all types of bed frames, and great value for money. Single spring mattresses are ideal for kid’s beds, bunk beds, and guest beds to keep things simple and cheap.

Cons: Coil systems wear out a bit quicker than other mattress types. The continuous system means the coils move as one unit, so there is less support if two people are sharing the bed and overtime 'roll together’ can happen.

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A good quality mattress should provide between 8-10 years of consistent performance and provide appropriate support. After a while a mattress will start compressing unevenly, leading to uneven and insufficient support. Resulting in aches and pains.

Here are some useful questions to ask yourself when deciding if it's time for a new bed or mattress:

1. Are you frequently waking up feeling un-refreshed and aching?

2. Do you disturb your partner or are you disturbed by them when changing sleep positions?

3. Does it look used or worn?

4. Does it feel lumpy?

If the answer is YES to any of the above, it may be time for a new mattress!!

How soft or firm do I need my mattress?

It's tricky to advise as everyone is individual. Only you know what feels truly comfortable for your body, and a lot of it comes down to personal preference.

As a general guide:

A mattress should shape to the natural contours of your body without allowing you to sink into the surface too much, and should be firm enough to provide the correct amount of support to keep your spine aligned in your natural sleeping position.

A test you can do:

Lie on your back and try sliding a hand between the small of your back and the mattress. Your hand should fit between your back and the mattress with minimal resistance.

If it's tricky to slip your hand between, the mattress is too soft and your body is being allowed to 'sink' into the surface.

If the gap between your lower back and the mattress is too great, the mattress is too firm and your hand will be able to move about very easily. 

Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm means your body will 'sit' on the surface rather than being cradled comfortably, and you won't benefit from the supportive pressure relief and weight distribution required for refreshing, restful sleep.

What kind of sleeper are you?

ALL SLEEPERS - medium-firm

Sleeping on your back and side makes a medium-firm mattress your best option as it will help keep your spine aligned

FRONT SLEEPERS - Soft & soft-medium 

Soft support mattresses are usually better suited to front sleepers as they have more 'give' to comfortably cradle your contours


A medium mattress offers great support accross all pressure points minimising discomfort and enhancing sleep. Generally, the most popular support chosen

BACK & SIDE SLEEPERS - firmFor extra support, our firm mattresses are the best option for side sleepers or those who suffer from back pain

For extra support, our firm mattresses are the best option for side sleepers or those who suffer from back pain

Sleep position guide

Front Sleepers - To prevent overarching your lower back and straining your neck and shoulders, you need to be mindful of your pressure points. Keeping your spine aligned is highly important for comfort and health, and when you sleep on your front that means support which also allows for your body to sink in to the surface. A happy balance between resistance and comfort is a pocket sprung or pocket hybrid mattress.


Side Sleeper - Sleeping on your side means you can open the shoulders or ribcage whether you lean forward or back, and although it creates pressure points on your hips and shoulders, there is less weight being applied onto each, allowing good circulation and comfort. A softer surface pocket sprung, open coil or hybrid mattress is best, as less resistance means each area of your body can sink in as needed.


Back Sleeper - Whether you sleep like an arrow or a starfish, back sleepers need to avoid too much strain on the necks and shoulders. The right level of support and resistance is integral to keeping your spine and shoulders aligned, otherwise you might wake up with aches and pains. A surface that hugs your contours will prevent rolling and turning during the night, provide support and promote correct alignment, so pocket sprung, memory foam and hybrid mattresses are perfect.

Best posture guide