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Why has my payment failed or declined?

The most common reason for failed payment is an incorrect billing address. Please make sure your billing address is the address your card is registered to. You can have any delivery address you want, but the billing address MUST be the address the card is registered to, otherwise, your payment will be declined. Please check your address and card details are correct. You also have the option to check out with PayPal as a quicker and easier alternative to a manual checkout. Other reasons that your payment may fail are insufficient funds or fraud protection.

Do you accept American Express?


Why has my payment failed but money has still been taken?

It may look like the money has been 'taken' however, it is your Bank holding or 'reserving' the amount for the transaction to complete. The funds are reserved until the request times out (this varies by Bank/Credit Card Company) or is cancelled by the customer.  

The order can fail due to a number of reasons, such as incorrect billing address, insufficient funds or fraud protection. 

We cannot cancel the request, but you can call your Bank/Credit Card provider to request the transaction be released. We are happy to provide your bank proof that we haven’t taken funds, and what the declined transaction codes are.

Can I pay over the phone?

At the moment please place all orders online.

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