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Who are we?

Great design without the designer price tag!

Crazypricebeds.com was founded with the ambition of doing things a bit differently to other furniture retailers.

Why are your Beds & Mattresses so cheap?!

  1. Lot's of extra costs and overheads are involved when it comes to selling on the high street or as a branded name, and unfortunately, these costs end up getting included in the product cost which you the consumer have to pay for. 'Middle men' are a contact usually between the manufacturer and the retailer, which we don't have.  Add on all the expensive marketing, shop costs and mark-ups, and suddenly you have an inflated product cost you are footing the bill for. 

Big brand names & High street retailers






We buy direct from the manufacturers in large quantities (makes the product cost price cheaper)  > Ships direct to our UK warehouse > Delivered (FREE!) directly to you





Discount codes

Our products are already heavily discounted and are genuinely low priced, so you won't find any discount codes for crazy price beds!


It is nice to be able to put a face to a name

Meet the teams!

We are an independent company, with a small group of staff members.

Some of us have been working together for years, and we even have family members working under the same roof!




Our main boss man and mastermind


Managing Director

The glue that sticks us all together and keeps everything running


Product & Supply Chain Manager

Product and technical expert. All around good guy who always has nice lunches. 


Marketing Manager

Does the fluffy stuff, drinks lots of green tea.


E-commerce Manager

Keeps our website snazzy and is a certified excel genius


Product & Supply Chain Manager

Product expert and lover of cheese.  

Sally Bishop

CS Manager

Been here longer than anyone so we should really name a bed after her


Transport Manager

Gets your delivery scheduled and on the road quick smart!

Customer Service Team

Danielle 1

Being the daughter of Sally, her business knowledge is top-notch and will go (literally) the extra mile for you. This woman does not stop until you are happy.  

Danielle 2

Crazily enough, Danielle has not only managed to have the same name as Danielle 1 but also has her surname begin with the same letter. So here we are.  1&2. Danielle hasn't been with us long however is doing a fabulous job and is super nice. 


Keeps us all well fed with treats and goodies. Her favourite colour yellow perfectly reflects her sunny personaility.


Our super man warehouse manager. Makes sure those orders are picked and dispatched on time all day every day. 

Our Products

We have been successfully trading online for over 16 years, with tens of thousands of bed frames and mattresses flying out of our UK based warehouse every year.

We think our range of bed frames is one of the best out there. Why? Because it is so diverse it has something for everyone. Not to mention the amazing value for money you get!

Most importantly we try to keep it all in stock so your not waiting around weeks. Cause, lets face it, once you have ordered something - you want it!

We work with a select few manufacturers that we have a confident working relationship with, who will produce high-quality products. 


A large majority of our Beds & Mattresses are photographed by our amazing Photographer Bekah in Birmingham. 

This is great because:

1. You are seeing the actual product (no dodgy CGI or photoshopped images usually sent from far east manufacturers)

2. We take photos of all the details and close-ups to give you the best visual experience.

3. It gives you the most accurate representation of the product, so you can trust buying online with us.

4. We are supporting a small business!


Company Information

Company name: Crazypricebeds.com

Business Address: Beecham Business Park, Northgate, Aldridge, Walsall, WS98TZ

Company Registered Office Address: Beecham Business Park, Northgate, Aldridge, Walsall, WS98TZ

Tax Number: 941208054 Registered in England

Contact email address: info@crazypricebeds.com

Contact phone number: 01922 718555


Our Core Values